This is a series about the Lalaloopsy Ponies! Lets find out more about this series.

From a magical merry-go- round in Lalaloopsyland come the Lalaloopsy ponies!

About This Series!Edit

This series is about friendship, fun, family, and this series will have a lesson in it! Mostly the story is what they learn and friends! And how we got "Sew Magical!" Is that there is magic in true friends and lessons that the ponies will learn! "Sew Cute!" Is from the cuteness from these ponies!

Characters And Their PersonalitiesEdit

Here are all the characters of this series with their personalities!

Main 4:

  1. Checkers- She loves to play checkers and she loves to have tea!
  2. Snap Pea- She is a nature pony and she loves to plant flowers!
  3. Juggles- She is a super funny clown pony and she loves making everypony laugh!
  4. Slippers- She loves to do ballet sew much! And she loves to put on her ballet recital for all of her pony friends!

The Baby Sweet Club:

  1. Waffles- She loves ice cream and making some ice cream for her friends!
  2. Ropes- She loves licorice and jump roping with it!
  3. Mocha- She loves marble cake and giving some marble cake to her friends!
  4. Mallow- She loves marshmallows and making bounce houses with them!

The Carouset Dancers Group #1

The Carouset Dancers Group #2

The Carouset Dancers Group #3

The Lalaloopsyland Pony Princesses:

  1. Moon Glow- She is the princess of the moon! And she likes the moon a lot!
  2. Starry Night- She is the princess of the stars! And she really loves watching the stars at night!

Episodes Of Season 1Edit

  1. The Magical Merry-go-round (Episode 1)
  2. The Pony Bully (Episode 2)
  3. Sharing Is Caring (Episode 3)
  4. Friends Is What Matters (Episode 4)
  5. No More Teasing! (Episode 5)
  6. Be Who You Are! (Episode 6)

There are more episodes, but they are unkown.