Once upon a time....

Hope you enjoy this new fairy tale called "Peanut In Lala-Oopsies Island!"

Paragraph 1: How Peanut Came To The Island.Edit

"Haha! You are such a loser! I hope you will be sent to a UGLY different world full of UGLY rag dolls!" Said Marina talking to Peanut. "WHY do you have to be sew mean to everyone?" Peanut replied. There was a fork in the road. And there was a mysterious door behind it. There was a note saying: 

As you see a fork in a road!

And just sew you know this is not a toad!

But there is a magical key that does not look like a pen,

but if you find the key, this door will open!

Then the door randomly opened with no key. And Peanut flew in and led to this island.

Paragraph 2Edit

She landed in an unknown place full of giant mutants

HEY LOOK AT MA LEGS BEND she heard one say

The response to that was Saffron u idiot

Filled ith curiosity full of adventure the crazy clown girl piped up 

Rolling down da hills of sweets


Ewww I smell onon and fart  peanut said

She was thirsty from her long journey so she  wanted that giant milk

Get outta ma way lil brats!


Cuz i said so I need  dat milk hey Im gunna step on u *steps on all fairies*

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