406 works very hard on her videos! She goes threw 6 steps. Lets see all the things 406 does when she makes her videos! 

All Of The Steps!
Some attributes
First Come Up With An Idea.
Second Think The Plan.
Third Start Making Your Video With A Camera Or Anything Else.
Other attributes
Fourth View Your Video.
Fifth Make Some Edits.
Sixth View Your Video To See If It Makes sence.

Come Up With An Idea.Edit

Coming up with a video idea. You can make a video inspired by someone or use your own idea! But the planning could be a bit hard. It might take 30 minutes or more. But once you have a good idea, then you can start with your plan!

Think The Plan.Edit

Thinking your plan could be little more easy then coming up with your idea. The plan is something you maybe need to work on the most so you can have a good video! If you are doing a video inspired by someone then you can use a little bit of their idea and you can come up with the rest of your plan by yourself. But you should think about giving the person you got the idea for a video some credit. 

Start Making Your Video!Edit

Now you can start making your video! You can make your video with a camera, an iPad, and iPhone, your computer, or anything else. 406 uses her iPhone and uses the app on her iPhone called iMovie. But make sure you used your plan or the inspired plan with some of your plan in it. 

Make Some Edits.Edit

When you are done making your video... that means its time to make some edits! There will be some mistakes you made in your video so that is why we need to make edits! If you don't make edits people will make fun of you. While you are editing, you can add a text. Like a title or my 10 minutes later text! You can also add music and use the microphone! But make sure you don'y make any mistakes while editing.